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What a work we did to create nice guestrooms

I was looking to pictures on my phone this weekend and then I realized what work we did over the last 2 years to create our ultimate house and guestrooms , I 'm honestly very proud ! Here are some old pictures from the beginning ...........before and after

I'm still working on the last bits of make-up , you know there is always finishing touch that can be better or changed! Currently we also finishing our new pool area , Mediterranean garden and veggie garden , but that is for another post.

Interior-designer: Me

Realisation: My husband

My style is a mix of my European (french) furniture and pieces that i found here in SA,

My personal style: "Eclectic with a touch of Glam, yet under control "

These are the shops I like and where I really found beautiful things;

The Rug company, Mobelli furniture, Weylandts furniture , Haus by Hertex, Mullerie , @homeliving

Let me know what do you think?

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