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Mmm, South Africa is lekker... music

Updated: May 29, 2020


While in Europe life slowly goes to the "new normal" & we hope to travel again soon, we're still in a lock down over here. The good news is from the 01/06/2020 we will be able to go out again, although restaurants, bars, hotels and borders will remain closed.

So I wanna use my time left in lock down, to make you guys even more excited to plan your next holiday with us.


When it's cold & rainy wintertime in Europe (december-jan-feb-march-april-may), it's full summer here with superbe temperatures 26 -32 degrees average, so we are the ideal winter holiday destination if you want to soak up the sun and enjoy lots of activity and good vibes!

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Beautiful landscapes, old villages, clean air, peace & quiet from nature, good and healthy know all the things that I already showed you in my previous post (check it out) but we have more.......

So much to mention! But what do we have more?

Yes indeed: GREAT music and vibes!

These days I'm a big fan of the South African band "Mi casa", the group is based in Johannesburg and they have sexy groooovy music... yeah baby yeah!

Great songs like Nana, Chocolat and Feeling You (Album Familia). Since I moved to South Africa I love them, they make me happy, it represents the vibe here, let's dance!

This Lady Zamar is fantastic, i love her song "Colide" and "This Is Love"

I also like the South African DJ Euphonik (real name: Themba Mbongeni Nkosi), right, not easy for us to pronounce that, so practice :)

He's famous for playing house music, mmm maybe we could say it's the SA version of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

Some time ago I loved his version of It's a Fine Day. You know that song from "1999 opus 3" Great!

Also Black Coffee has some nice, catchy music, which I love to, but for me my favo @ number 1 is" Mi casa"... lady zamar.

I was wondering if they are famous in Europe? Let me know!

Hope to gave you some new music inspirationi

Ps. If you want to book your holiday with us, send me a personal message with your dates and plans.

For early birds & directly bookings, we can give a discount (until end of june for reservation for 2020-2021)

xoxo Evelyne

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