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La Colombe

If you're a foodie and like to be spoiled with delicious food, La Colombe is the perfect place to go , hidden between Houtbay & Constantia ...........

We went with friends for lunch , well , let's say a long lunch , we only left by 4 in the afternoon.

The food is fantastic, surprising and exquisite. Did you know that La Colombe is positioned among the top restaurants world-wide ?

I can tell you what we had , but pictures speak more than words...........( in this case :)).

This one is definitely one of my favorites that i recommend.

If you want to book in La Colombe , don't wait to long because it is always fully booked , especially in summer, festive season.

If you visit us and you want me to book for you @ La Colombe, just let me know !

xoxo Evelyne

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