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Keep Yourself Busy During the Lockdown

What are we doing during the lockdown to keep us busy?

in my language we say:

"Kom nie zot in uw kot, oet jezelf bezig en voral bluf gezond"

We're doing some improvements in the house such as refreshing the guestrooms, to make them even more beautiful & practical , little details, move some furniture & plants to other places , paint our walls in other colors . We always have stock of leftovers from paint & wallpaper in our storage room, leftover from plugs, electrical things and small rubbish .

You'd be surprised what you can find in your storage that you can still use and it keeps us creative, plus it's good for the environment too.

Cleaning & Tidying: "Style Marie Kondo"

Check the garden and clean what is no longer useful and pamper your plants , walk around and you will get new ideas.

Cleaning my cupboards in the kitchen, bedroom and storage.

Cleaning & Tidying my total wardrobe and getting rid of what's useless.

Cooking & Baking

I try some new recipes that I got from friends & my books for my breakfast.

Currently I'm making banana bread and buckwheat bread and i will try gluten free pancakes & lemon/ ginger cake so yummie. As you can see it still needs some improvement :), but by the time we reopen it wil be perfect for my healthy breakfast.

Reading books:

  • I just finished: Rebecca Fleet "De Huizenruil" and I liked it very much!

  • Currently reading: Danielle Steel "Fall From Grace", sooo romantic

  • Planned: Santa Montefiore "Sea of Love" & Gérard A. Jaeger (un ami) "il était une fois le Titanic"

Watching Netflix:

  • Just finished Toy Boy (Spanish), very good

  • Just finished: Now Top Boy, a lot of gang crime , but good!

  • Just finished: yes yes yes 4th season of yeaaaaaah "Casa de Papel"!

"Una Martina me son alzato e ho trovato l'invasor , ti amo casa de papel", I'm hungry for the next season already!!!!!! please soooooooon :) :) :)

Watching old movies:

  • Finished: Dirty Dancing, Sound of Music & Grease

  • To Watch again :Dirty Rotten Scoundrels & The pink panter(s), To Catch a Thief

Learning/refresh languages:

I used to talk Spanish when I was younger (4 years lessons and a boyfriend haha), but since I almost never talk it, I forgot a lot, ideal to keep me busy with online lessons to refresh. Should anyone speak Spanish & want's to mail as friends, please contact me by mail:

Doing a bit crazy in your house like dancing, singing, and doing fun things always keeps me positive, especially to avoid grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Keep yourself healthy , stay safe!

xoxo Evelyne

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