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It wouldn'be Christmas without .......

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

So the festive season started , time for Christmas rituals, memorable moments with friends and family. The most important thing , a huge Christmas tree, decoration all over, .....yes yes. We can dress up with our most beautiful clothes and be glamorous, eat indulgent food , drink French champagne, yes it's party season!!!!!

Although it's summer season here in Cape Town ( yes we celebrate Christmas in bikini's on the beach at 38 degrees), I can't help myself to put up a big tree with ( fake) snow , winter decorations ( souvenirs from Europe) and lot''s of Christmas music in the house , it wouldn't be Christmas without it !

I love Michael Bubblé this time of the year.

So this week, I putted up my tree , lot's of glitters, Christmas balls, fake snow, gorgeous sparkling ornaments , gold and silver , ...... and yes my Val saint Lambert glasses on the table....... i know old fashion but i love it!

Every year i buy 1 or 2 new things for my tree , this year a found some sparkling new balls in a cute shop "Crystal&twine" in Riebeeck Kasteel .

Here some pictures of my decoration @ Maison Le Pur Sang.

The only thing i need to do now is get myself ready for the parties, pamper myself, family & friends with buys and gifts ............

What are you going to do ? No plans yet , if you want to escape winter in Europe well my place is the perfect , sea, sun, pool and suuuuuuuummmmmmmmer holiday with lot's of activities to do!

Send me a mail and we make it a holiday to remember!

Merry Christmas

xox Evelyne

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