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Get that holiday feeling!

We offer you up to 50% off on festive season GETAWAYS & SPA PACKAGES

A wellness day at the sauna & spa with friends meeting new people. Yes, those were the days... When we had no worries and stress...

Then... Boom! Everything changed, Covid-19 hit.

Our world has been so isolated and still...

Therefore, I've been so grateful to our delightful clients who have been an incredible support along this difficult, strange times and I would like to say to you, thank you, God bless you. Words can not express our gratitude!

Sharing a wellness day or going to a sauna together with a lot of friends and people in time of corona seems really like a thing of the past now, very unrealistic these days.

We might not be out of the woods yet, one thing is for sure we cannot be kept down, so lets think positive & start the festive season on with some great news and.......

YES I we have GREAT NEWS, been busy, adapting our services to Covid-19 to give you the old days experience back...safely and private!

Maison Le Pur Sang has adapted the wellness space and we our proud to announce for you a private sauna , spa& wellness area.

We offer you a 3 hours private pamper packages as well as full fun day packages with your own luxury room for the day.

The best of all is that this festive month we give you a 50% discount on the packages below.

See all our packages on this link:

Why travel to the "French Riviera" if you have it around the corner...

There is even more :

If you book a package that is not on promotion we give you a 40% of voucher for your next package:

Come with a friend for a treatment :

Receive a 50% of on your own booking.

So book for 2 and get one treatment on 50% off

See all our treatments on this link:

For direct bookings call or WhatsApp our team:

079/906 5605

This is how we express our gratitude to you!

only valid until 29/12/2020 !

Step outside and come & join us!


















***Note that due to us making sure that it is safe for you and your family by disinfecting, providing clean, fresh towels and sheets and keeping it private, our timeslots are quiet limited , so booking in advance & a min 50% deposit to secure your booking are necessary to work and to give you this safe experience .

Deposits are non cash refundable .

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For bookings guesthouse / intimate party's / bridal arrangements:

079/906 5605 or 063/673 8671

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