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A little book to read which is very funny and realistic for me as owner of a b&b:

"Petites Chroniques d'une maison d'hôtes" by Veronique Cambier

It's about herself moving out of Paris to open a b&b in a little village near the mountains in France.

I must say , very true & funny to read .

The other book is the latest of one of my favorite authors Santa Montefiore , good God i love all her books and this one is again a bestseller , it sweeps you away and you want to read it in 1 breath .

"The Temptation of Gracie" by Santa Montefiore , Italy Italy and Italy , i could taste the pasta , drink the wine and smell the flowers while i was reading , a love story pure sang and a little bit of " keeping up appearance" , love love love!

The good news is if you planning a stay in my B&B , you can read it , I've put it in my library for my dear less luggage to bring :)



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