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21 Days lockdown in Cape Town

With this post I want to give you an update on our experience here in South Africa, Western Cape.

While the lock down in my homecountry Belgium started 4 weeks ago, we went in lock down Thursday 26/03 midnight for 21 days until 16/04 midnight. The virus took longer to arrive in South Africa . Since yesterday we've got the news that the lock down as it is , going to be 2 weeks longer, so until the end of April.

Here we had a small advantage that we already saw what happened, so they took an example from Europe and started in an early stage. This lock down is far more strict than in Belgium, but similar to strict lock downs in countries in Europe.

What is approximately the same like in Europe?

  • All borders are closed during the lock down , except for transportation of essential goods. You can in no case leave or enter South Africa.

  • Retail shops & shopping malls are closed, only grocery stores , pharmacies and banks remain open.

  • Schools are closed, nobody can work or you must work from home, only medical staff must work.

The consequences for our business are:
The b&b is closed during lock down, you can still book/postpone for a later date in 2020 or 2021, should you want to plan your holiday already.

Due to the many rescheduled dates from our bookings of March, April, May and June to next year, it's going to be very busy.

To be sure of availability, please note that if you want to plan a holiday at our B&B, book well in advance if you already know your date!

What's different than in some countries in Europe?

  • The social distance rules are the same, but we can not go outside at all, only local shopping for essential goods like food (same as in Italy & Spain).

  • We can not leave home to walk our dogs or do exercises such as jogging or cycling.

  • No alcohol or cigarettes can be sold during the lock down , you can only use what you have @ home!

  • They advise to wear a mask or cover your face and wear gloves if you go out . Of course we don't have masks for everybody, but in Africa we are very creative (as seen on the pictures below)

What happens when you disobey?

You will be find guilty of an offence and conviction, liable for a fine or imprisonment for no longer than a period of 6 month or both!!!

We must obey, for peoples health and safety!

So this is how we experience lock down here in SA as Europeans, every body doing the best he can, so let's fight this together and stay positive!

To my homies in Belgium: hope to see you soon!



#goodnews #weSurviveThis #strongerToghether

Wishing you a good health, stay safe and #bePositive

Big hug

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